The 7th Age

Assault Against Rajibaijan
Session #5

Wow, Another close call for the party! This time, bad dice rolls stole the party’s mojo. The fight that broke out in “Raijibaijan’s” compound was viscious and deadly from the start. Thrax the party fighter and Vathomon the party cleric’s “Htpts” were decimated early in the fight and Gregbard the wizard found himself in “Bad Position” during the entire encounter. Def the warlock fared no better as it seemed he could never get a grip on his own Infernal powers.

All that being said, the party still managed to grab the “evil artifact” (a medallion) that they were hired to steal from Raijibaijan, who had been using it to start a cult of some kind. During the fight Raijibaijan was killed, but not before he thoroughly demonstrated the power of the medallion by using it to turn the party against themselves. Def finished Raijibaijan, but soon after….. his body seemed to be raised by the evil artifact into some sort of undead/construct retributioner! As soon as Def got the artifact in his hands, he began looking for a way out of the compound, but Raijibaijan’s” cult continued to tear into the party’s htpts. Finally Def found his way out of the compound by using a zip line and the rest of the party escaped via rope. The chaos had ended.

The party escaped with their lives, but Gregbard and Thrax came away with long lasting injuries and Vathomon caught a disease from the rat encounter. On a positive note, the party spotted the much feared “collector” in the storm sewers prior to going into the compound. The “collector” is an undead creature that collects bodies (creates a few too) from the storm sewers of Ptolus. The party spotted the creature dragging a corpse and Def, a gambler by nature saw a what he believed, was a magical sword on the said corpse and couldn’t resist! Knowing full well his life was in complete jeopardy, he made his move and stealthily moved behind the giant creature and from the corpse stole the sword from it’s scabbard! Will he be rewarded duly for his efforts?

Agablehem's First Demand
Session #4

Our party finished up the last of the Crucians, which included a nest of baby Crucians. The party was very divided over what to do about the helpless monsters and in the end Gregbard and Thrax finished the dirty deed, much to the dismay of Def. After scouring the rest of the lair, the party headed back to Ptolus to get some much needed rest and start working on the favor they owed to Agablehem. Thrax and Def found out that Agablehem had set them up (when they were attacked a week earlier by some street thugs) as a way to test their mettle. He apparently saw them fit to move forward on the task he had laid out for them. The party was asked to sneak into Agablehem’s cousin’s home, a fortified building located in the guildsman district with heavy security. Agablehem wanted the artifact worn by his cousin (Rajibaijan), and he also has demanded for our party to kill Rajibaijan as well. The party, feeling like they didn’t have a choice, reluctantly accepted. They decided to sneak through the storm sewers of Ptolus and come into the building from underneath, avoiding the town guard atleast. They were surprised to see that Rajibaijan had that route covered with security as well! But our party was able to quickly take out the ratmen and dire rats guarding the home from beneath the streets of Ptolus, but not before the cleric took a beating. Next week, our party will continue on into Rajibaijan’s fortified home. Find out what happens next!

The Crucian Lair
Session #3

-The party had accepted a job from a local business man, to go north to one of his farming communities and rid that area of these “shelled man sized creatures” that the locals call “Crucians”. On the way to the community the party ran into a severe rain storm and the party’s hired guide lost his way! The party was attacked shortly after the rain storm by a ravenous wolf pack, something seriously wrong with these puppies! (pun was completely intended!) The wolf pack proved to be quite a challenge for the party, but our heroes managed to win a victory over the wolves. Strangely the wolves fought to the death, and never retreated even as the last wolf menaicly fought to the very end. They party was releaved to finally find the farming town they were looking for the next day as they were quite spent from the wolf pack attack. They decided to rest up in town 1 full day before heading off into the wilderness to try and find the Crucian nest. The party got very lucky and found the nest almost by happenstance. The party debated amongst themselves for awhile, but finally decided to just invade the nest, in Lu of sniping individual Crucians a few at a time as they found them about the wilderness. There proved to be many more Crucians in the nest than the party ever could have imagined. At last count, 24 in all! Not only that, but a pit full of “Meat Reavers”(disgusting, vile creatures) and an attack from a venomous spider proved to be the most thrilling fight of our heroes short adventuring careers! The party fought ecxelently against the foes using brilliant tactics in and out of combat! Def, the warlock had the “Play of the day” so to speak when he used his “Hounds of Hell” daily power and was able to kill 3 crucians in a single round! Thrax bravely ripped through the “Meat Reavers” alone as he stayed in the pit till the bitter end, then he battled a venomous spider while climbing a rope to get out of the pit! At one point, Vathomon rolled two critical hits in back to back rounds and probably 4 crits the entire day! Last,but not least, Gregbard the wizard was able to hold off 150 htpts worth of Crucians and who knows how much damage from the rest of the party for close to five rounds using only his “Ray of Frost” at will power! In the end the Crucian numbers were just too much for the party, our the adventures had no choice but to make a desperate retreat! Thrax having soaked up crazy amounts of damage from being on the front line the entire day, already having come into the lair at less than full health do to the severity of his injuries incurred during the wolf attack, finally socumed to his limit and fell unconscious and dying, after being stabilized by Gregbard, Vathomon hoisted his friend onto his back and carried him out of the Crucian lair while Gregbard held off 6 Crucians for 5 rounds and Def led three more Crucians on a wild goose chase away from the rest of the party through the tangled crucian lair. Using some quick thinking the characters used the Cleric’s “Large Sized” great club as a log over the “Meat Reaver” pit, every one was able to get safely across and narrowly escape the Crucian lair with their lives!

Note: It has been a long time since I have seen a party this close to a “Total Party Kill”, if it weren’t for quick thinking, good luck and damn fine teamwork, they simply would not have survived! Great job guys! Check in next time to see what else this group gets itself into!

New City, Same old Problems
Session #2

Well, allot happened Saturday, for the party, this was really their fist chance to explore their new home city. The Party again decided to split up and check out different parts of the city. They discovered many many things, among the juicier bits were as follows;

Def discovered -Some smugglers at work on the docks -He chased a man he thought might have been following him, he eventually lost him on the busy streets of Ptolus -He also suffered a vision of an elderly woman reaching out to him, the vision blinded him for a moment.

Vathomon discovered -That the temple district is full of grandeur. The street of “1000 Gods” is paved in marble and the bridge into the district has ten 20 foot tall statues of different well known gods lining it. The district is full of grand temples! - He may also have discovered some disguised goblins going into the Temple of “The White Star”

The party then found themselves in the wrong part of the town at the wrong time and were jumped by some street thugs. The party won the fight swiftly and convincingly. But the thugs that were slain worked for one of the strongest “under bosses” of one of the most powerful thieves guilds(Haasgwales) in Ptolus, the under boss(Agablehem) was quick to wrangle up the party one at a time and and issue an ultimatum! “Work for me or die” The party agreed to the terms and have been given their first assignment to complete for the guild. Having been given 2 weeks to complete said job, the party elected to leave town and head north to do a job they had been hired to do by a local “corporate farmer” business man, hoping they could do it in time to get back to Ptolus and take care of their obligation to Haasgwales. The Business man, named Lord-Bestwig is known to be a jerk and the party instantly disliked him, but the job paid 400 Crowns(gold pieces), and that kind of goldage was just to tempting to pass up! So north it is!

Trust me, allot more than that took place in one 6 hour game session, that was just the cliff notes version!

The Journey to a New Life in Ptolus
Session #1

Ok, so our party hitched a ride on a wagon caravan heading from Melenquan all the way to Ptolus (taw-lus). Thats nearly a 3 month journey! The first 2 months of the trip went without incident with the exception of a fly over from a massive red dragon. The dragon made no contact with the wagon caravan, just merely flew over it.

But about two weeks travel from the final destination of Ptolus, a hoard of desperate Hobgoblins attacked the caravan! The fight was long and the momentum swayed back and forth between the two sides. Eventually, the hobgoblins were forced to call a retreat and the remaining forces fled back into the woods. While surveying the damage caused by the raid, the caravan got a message from the Hobgoblin leader who had escaped, the hobgoblin messenger demanded money and resources from the caravan if they wanted to stave off another attack! The Captain of the caravan boldly denied the request and the caravan soldiers including our adventurers waited alertly for the next attack. It never came, it was a bluff! While many soldiers in the caravan were wounded badly including the party wizard who fell unconscious during the conflict, not one soldier or civilian was captured or killed in the raid! Great job by our heroes!

The caravan finally arrived in Ptolus on the 3rd day of the month of Rain, the party went through customs and were granted their residency papers. They quickly headed to “Delvers Square”, a place known to many adventurers. There they took up shelter at the Ghostly Minstrel and filled their bellies with Barg’s famous salisbury dish. They were also told by Barg (owner of the Ghostly Minstrel) that the “dungeon” under the city was closed to all adventurers at this time (Why?). It was getting late, and the party decided to split up and investigate different parts of the city until night fall. What did they find out?

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