The 7th Age

Agablehem's First Demand

Session #4

Our party finished up the last of the Crucians, which included a nest of baby Crucians. The party was very divided over what to do about the helpless monsters and in the end Gregbard and Thrax finished the dirty deed, much to the dismay of Def. After scouring the rest of the lair, the party headed back to Ptolus to get some much needed rest and start working on the favor they owed to Agablehem. Thrax and Def found out that Agablehem had set them up (when they were attacked a week earlier by some street thugs) as a way to test their mettle. He apparently saw them fit to move forward on the task he had laid out for them. The party was asked to sneak into Agablehem’s cousin’s home, a fortified building located in the guildsman district with heavy security. Agablehem wanted the artifact worn by his cousin (Rajibaijan), and he also has demanded for our party to kill Rajibaijan as well. The party, feeling like they didn’t have a choice, reluctantly accepted. They decided to sneak through the storm sewers of Ptolus and come into the building from underneath, avoiding the town guard atleast. They were surprised to see that Rajibaijan had that route covered with security as well! But our party was able to quickly take out the ratmen and dire rats guarding the home from beneath the streets of Ptolus, but not before the cleric took a beating. Next week, our party will continue on into Rajibaijan’s fortified home. Find out what happens next!



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