The 7th Age

Assault Against Rajibaijan

Session #5

Wow, Another close call for the party! This time, bad dice rolls stole the party’s mojo. The fight that broke out in “Raijibaijan’s” compound was viscious and deadly from the start. Thrax the party fighter and Vathomon the party cleric’s “Htpts” were decimated early in the fight and Gregbard the wizard found himself in “Bad Position” during the entire encounter. Def the warlock fared no better as it seemed he could never get a grip on his own Infernal powers.

All that being said, the party still managed to grab the “evil artifact” (a medallion) that they were hired to steal from Raijibaijan, who had been using it to start a cult of some kind. During the fight Raijibaijan was killed, but not before he thoroughly demonstrated the power of the medallion by using it to turn the party against themselves. Def finished Raijibaijan, but soon after….. his body seemed to be raised by the evil artifact into some sort of undead/construct retributioner! As soon as Def got the artifact in his hands, he began looking for a way out of the compound, but Raijibaijan’s” cult continued to tear into the party’s htpts. Finally Def found his way out of the compound by using a zip line and the rest of the party escaped via rope. The chaos had ended.

The party escaped with their lives, but Gregbard and Thrax came away with long lasting injuries and Vathomon caught a disease from the rat encounter. On a positive note, the party spotted the much feared “collector” in the storm sewers prior to going into the compound. The “collector” is an undead creature that collects bodies (creates a few too) from the storm sewers of Ptolus. The party spotted the creature dragging a corpse and Def, a gambler by nature saw a what he believed, was a magical sword on the said corpse and couldn’t resist! Knowing full well his life was in complete jeopardy, he made his move and stealthily moved behind the giant creature and from the corpse stole the sword from it’s scabbard! Will he be rewarded duly for his efforts?



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