The 7th Age

New City, Same old Problems

Session #2

Well, allot happened Saturday, for the party, this was really their fist chance to explore their new home city. The Party again decided to split up and check out different parts of the city. They discovered many many things, among the juicier bits were as follows;

Def discovered -Some smugglers at work on the docks -He chased a man he thought might have been following him, he eventually lost him on the busy streets of Ptolus -He also suffered a vision of an elderly woman reaching out to him, the vision blinded him for a moment.

Vathomon discovered -That the temple district is full of grandeur. The street of “1000 Gods” is paved in marble and the bridge into the district has ten 20 foot tall statues of different well known gods lining it. The district is full of grand temples! - He may also have discovered some disguised goblins going into the Temple of “The White Star”

The party then found themselves in the wrong part of the town at the wrong time and were jumped by some street thugs. The party won the fight swiftly and convincingly. But the thugs that were slain worked for one of the strongest “under bosses” of one of the most powerful thieves guilds(Haasgwales) in Ptolus, the under boss(Agablehem) was quick to wrangle up the party one at a time and and issue an ultimatum! “Work for me or die” The party agreed to the terms and have been given their first assignment to complete for the guild. Having been given 2 weeks to complete said job, the party elected to leave town and head north to do a job they had been hired to do by a local “corporate farmer” business man, hoping they could do it in time to get back to Ptolus and take care of their obligation to Haasgwales. The Business man, named Lord-Bestwig is known to be a jerk and the party instantly disliked him, but the job paid 400 Crowns(gold pieces), and that kind of goldage was just to tempting to pass up! So north it is!

Trust me, allot more than that took place in one 6 hour game session, that was just the cliff notes version!



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