The 7th Age

The Crucian Lair

Session #3

-The party had accepted a job from a local business man, to go north to one of his farming communities and rid that area of these “shelled man sized creatures” that the locals call “Crucians”. On the way to the community the party ran into a severe rain storm and the party’s hired guide lost his way! The party was attacked shortly after the rain storm by a ravenous wolf pack, something seriously wrong with these puppies! (pun was completely intended!) The wolf pack proved to be quite a challenge for the party, but our heroes managed to win a victory over the wolves. Strangely the wolves fought to the death, and never retreated even as the last wolf menaicly fought to the very end. They party was releaved to finally find the farming town they were looking for the next day as they were quite spent from the wolf pack attack. They decided to rest up in town 1 full day before heading off into the wilderness to try and find the Crucian nest. The party got very lucky and found the nest almost by happenstance. The party debated amongst themselves for awhile, but finally decided to just invade the nest, in Lu of sniping individual Crucians a few at a time as they found them about the wilderness. There proved to be many more Crucians in the nest than the party ever could have imagined. At last count, 24 in all! Not only that, but a pit full of “Meat Reavers”(disgusting, vile creatures) and an attack from a venomous spider proved to be the most thrilling fight of our heroes short adventuring careers! The party fought ecxelently against the foes using brilliant tactics in and out of combat! Def, the warlock had the “Play of the day” so to speak when he used his “Hounds of Hell” daily power and was able to kill 3 crucians in a single round! Thrax bravely ripped through the “Meat Reavers” alone as he stayed in the pit till the bitter end, then he battled a venomous spider while climbing a rope to get out of the pit! At one point, Vathomon rolled two critical hits in back to back rounds and probably 4 crits the entire day! Last,but not least, Gregbard the wizard was able to hold off 150 htpts worth of Crucians and who knows how much damage from the rest of the party for close to five rounds using only his “Ray of Frost” at will power! In the end the Crucian numbers were just too much for the party, our the adventures had no choice but to make a desperate retreat! Thrax having soaked up crazy amounts of damage from being on the front line the entire day, already having come into the lair at less than full health do to the severity of his injuries incurred during the wolf attack, finally socumed to his limit and fell unconscious and dying, after being stabilized by Gregbard, Vathomon hoisted his friend onto his back and carried him out of the Crucian lair while Gregbard held off 6 Crucians for 5 rounds and Def led three more Crucians on a wild goose chase away from the rest of the party through the tangled crucian lair. Using some quick thinking the characters used the Cleric’s “Large Sized” great club as a log over the “Meat Reaver” pit, every one was able to get safely across and narrowly escape the Crucian lair with their lives!

Note: It has been a long time since I have seen a party this close to a “Total Party Kill”, if it weren’t for quick thinking, good luck and damn fine teamwork, they simply would not have survived! Great job guys! Check in next time to see what else this group gets itself into!



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