The 7th Age

The Journey to a New Life in Ptolus

Session #1

Ok, so our party hitched a ride on a wagon caravan heading from Melenquan all the way to Ptolus (taw-lus). Thats nearly a 3 month journey! The first 2 months of the trip went without incident with the exception of a fly over from a massive red dragon. The dragon made no contact with the wagon caravan, just merely flew over it.

But about two weeks travel from the final destination of Ptolus, a hoard of desperate Hobgoblins attacked the caravan! The fight was long and the momentum swayed back and forth between the two sides. Eventually, the hobgoblins were forced to call a retreat and the remaining forces fled back into the woods. While surveying the damage caused by the raid, the caravan got a message from the Hobgoblin leader who had escaped, the hobgoblin messenger demanded money and resources from the caravan if they wanted to stave off another attack! The Captain of the caravan boldly denied the request and the caravan soldiers including our adventurers waited alertly for the next attack. It never came, it was a bluff! While many soldiers in the caravan were wounded badly including the party wizard who fell unconscious during the conflict, not one soldier or civilian was captured or killed in the raid! Great job by our heroes!

The caravan finally arrived in Ptolus on the 3rd day of the month of Rain, the party went through customs and were granted their residency papers. They quickly headed to “Delvers Square”, a place known to many adventurers. There they took up shelter at the Ghostly Minstrel and filled their bellies with Barg’s famous salisbury dish. They were also told by Barg (owner of the Ghostly Minstrel) that the “dungeon” under the city was closed to all adventurers at this time (Why?). It was getting late, and the party decided to split up and investigate different parts of the city until night fall. What did they find out?



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