"Dead-Eye" Def of Woodbury, Lord of


Def is a strange looking Halfling indeed, he has many of the features a Tiefling might have(Though not nearly as pronounced as most Tieflings). The skin around his eyes, is black and leathery and he has two small horns atop his head although these horns are usually covered by his thick and boldly red hair. His teeth are also unusual for a Halfling, most of his teeth are pointed almost like fangs and his finger /toe nails are dark black and claw like. His skin is mostly akin to that of a Halfling, but there are parts of his body in which his skin is reddish and leathery. Def has many tattoos on his body (mostly to cover up the rough patches of skin)His overall body size is that of a Halfling. Because of his Infernal features he is sometimes mistakenly identified as a Tiefling.


When Def was just a small boy, he was expelledfrom his Halfling clan. The clan leader “Mecid” declared him a child of the Abyss. Def’s mother “Corina” pled and wept for the clan elders to reconsider, but they refused. Def’s older brother “Zef” had always held the clan at bay. But soon after Zef’s death from a hunting encounter the clan elders became emboldened and made demands for his death. Def’s older sister “Sevitry” snuck Def out in the middle ofthe night and he escaped. Def all alone as just a young Halfling boy was terrified. He missed his family and wondered if he ever see them again. He also wondered if his younger brother “Lef” would suffer the same fate. He and his brother had always been close, and he knew there were rumblings in the clan about his younger brother as well. Def drifted in the wilderness for awhile until he finally found a home in the city Melenquan. There he quickly found himself involved with the local thieves guilds. He met a man named Gregbard who became a father figure for him and managed to to stay out of “too much” trouble. As the city guards started to put pressure on Gregbard’s illegal activities, Gregbard asked Def if he would want to go with him and start a new life in a city called Ptolus. Def agreed.

Def has a stand offish aura about him and he is Generally very unfriendly to strangers. He is however very cunning and clever when dealing with people and easily convinces or scares people into doing what he wants them to. He is generally fearless and finds it hard to back down from anything. With the above traits it is somewhat strange to know that Def is also very loyal to those few that he considers his friends. He also, because of his own childhood back round has great compassion for those that are helpless including ones that would be his enemies. Def loves to take risks and is generally oblivious, it would seem anyway to the consequences of his actions. If it weren’t for his close allies having to constantly remind him of the possible repercussions of those actions, Def would probably not be alive today.


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